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I have to congratulate HM Armed Forces for seeing an opportunity to raise recruitment and jumping on it.

I just googled a single word "wikileaks" and it returned a single sponsored result advertising:

Join the Special Forces

Learn how you can be a part of UK's Elite Special Forces squads

I'm not sure if the Special Forces support or oppose wikileaks from this ad, but I love the plan.  Maybe I'll pay for searches on wikileaks for my work homepage.


  1. Anything in particular on Wikileaks? As far as I can tell, all WL has shown if that the current Government (and it's many branches/quangos), are a bunch of self serving, mendacious wankers.

    Not sure if I needed Julian to tell me that!

  2. Ed (not Bystander)12 December 2010 at 18:29

    The "" bit tells us it's not an official government website.

  3. "wikileaks" - Googled - About 389,000,000 results (0.16 seconds)

    Your internet is obviously broken.

  4. Loki, I agree. Intersting but nothing I didn't already know/couldn't guess already.

    Ed, you're much cleverer than me.

    Anon, I said it returned a single sponsored result not that it returned only one result in total. In any case, you are usually right about my internet being broken.

  5. Ed (not Bystander)16 December 2010 at 04:14

    TDB, you are entirely too kind. Just offering a single point of information!

    By the way, how would I email you?

  6. Ed, I suppose you could start by trying to send a message to That works for some, although Anon really was correct when he said my internet is broken as it mostly is.


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