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Government to ban psychoactive drugs

"Drugs are bad, M'kay" so says South Park Elementary school counsellor Mr Mackey.  Clearly, the Home Secretary agrees and has proudly proclaimed that she has banned over 500 drugs in the past 5-years.
I imagine that making all those orders to ban drugs must get quite tedious, which is why Mrs May has come up with the ingenious solution of banning all psychoactive drugs.  The point of this is to prevent people taking legal highs, which are often made by untrained people, working in unsafe environments and using questionable ingredients.  Quite how that doesn't already breach some health and safety law is beyond me, but apparently it doesn't because the government wants to stop people taking them.
As a lawyer, there are two questions I think are important.  First, what is a legal high?  Secondly, what is a psychoactive drug?
To answer the first question, I asked Frank who told me that "'[l]egal highs' ... contain one or more chemical substances which …