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Appealing convictions

It's been quite a while since I last got around to writing anything so I thought I best start off with something topical.  Then I thought sod that, I'll write about something relevant to me and everyone else can like it or lump it... or I suppose leave abusive comments, although you really shouldn't do that you naughty trolls.

In the modern world a lot of solicitors like to be lawyers and do lawyery things like consider papers, draft documents and advise clients.  I also enjoy that, but I have also come to terms with my additional roles, which include such delights as courier, messenger boy and now long distance delivery driver.

Anyway, the source of this rant comes from the fact that yesterday I ended my Christmas break early, left my girlfriend and our son at her parents to drive for three-hours to Leeds to collect papers for a client's appeal and then drive the three-hours back to my girlfriend's parents to drop the car back to her followed by another two-hours …