If you believe it then do it

This is one of the reasons that I am currently feeling so anti-politician.

I don't agree or disagree with Bob Ainsworth's current opinion on drugs but I do get annoyed that the report seems to suggest that he came to his current view while in office but then waited several years before saying anything about it.

Politicians: if you believe in something then a) tell us; and b) do what you believe in rather than ignoring issues because you know that the press will give you a bad write up.


  1. Politicians are out of touch with life on the streets. They speak from the comfort of their offices and suggest all manner of liberal thinking. They don't speak (or listen) to ordinary police officer, magistrates etc . I do not regard Chief Constables as being worthy of listening to they have never been on the streets for years and then probably only for two years probation. This MP was the same idiot who was Army Minister!

  2. I blame the media, who scream that there is a gaffe, or disloyalty and a loss of control by the PM, or cracks opening up in the Government, if a junior minister steps a nanometre out of line. If it could be accepted that ministers are reasonable people who may disagree on an issue and nevertheless support a cabinet policy when it is decided, and change their minds, and be in politics to get some of the things they want rather than everything they want, then we might have heard from Ainsworth earlier.



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