Fire extinguisher throwing student gaoled

I have just read this story on the BBC News website.

That he went to prison is no great shock and he should just be grateful that he did not hurt or kill anybody else he'd have been facing a far longer sentence.

It frightens me how people can lose control and do something stupid in a moment of madness.  I once represented a student from the London School of Economics who had come from a good school and had excellent prospects until he caved in a man's head with a brick - the man survived but only just!

I don't know if I can say I'll never lose it and do something stupid, but I do my best to stay out of trouble.


  1. Yes I know - in my time I've written reports on several people who killed with with one blow to the head, or where the victim struck their head on the ground. One seconds reaction leading to manslaughter or murder charges and a life sentence. Alcohol is often involved and the results are invariably sobering.


  2. Looking at the CPS sentencing manual (too lazy to see if there are Sentencing Advisory Panel (as they were) guidelines), this seems like a pretty stiff sentence. Based on the scant case law mentioned by the CPS, I would have said that 18 months would have been more appropriate.

  3. Fortunately CPS aren't involved in sentencing. I think DL is right on this wh should a moments madness be an excuse for a lenient sentence. This is spot on to me this was reckless endangerment to life. I am saddened by some if the comments from Magistrate colleagues who think this excessive.

  4. Wait a minute. Who says he 'lost control' or acted in a 'moment of madness' apart from his Defence (who would say that anyway)? Have you considered that he may be a nasty young man with a history of violent outbursts? Just because his mum was at Court and he was an A Level student does not mean he is some kind of victim of circumstance. Does anyone in the public arena know of his previous behaviour? Like everyone else you have rushed to judgement on this; Wollard MIGHT be a vile individual who had this coming for many years for all we know.

  5. And there's the difference between us Gadget. I made the assumption that he's basically a decent person who lost control.

    You assume he's the scum of the earth and should be treated at all times as a "vile individual".

  6. i think it depends on the person even if he or she was in the state of madness if he has self-control he cannot commit crime such as murdering other people. People Who are on this stage seems to have psychological problem.


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