As one court closes another one opens

I attended Stratford Magistrates Court today.  I like it there.  I can park my bike easily, there is a reasonably spacious advocates room to change in and the staff are friendly, helpful and efficient.

On arrival I was told I would be in court 11 before a lay bench.  This surprised me as after many years of attending Stratford I have only ever found 10 courts.  I went to court 10.  Left was court 9.  Right is the stairs.  Opposite is the probation office.  Nowhere is there a court 11.

I asked for some help and was directed to the 'canteen' (an amusing title in itself for a large room with half a dozen tables but only two chairs and a vending machine) where I found the court in full swing.  Three magistrates, a clerk, defendants, lawyers... all sitting in the canteen.  Much to my disappointment, the vending machines had gone so no coffee or chocolate for me.


  1. My court has 1-3 (secure docks) 4-5 (access to cells but no secure docks) and (informally) 6, which is a conference room. Court 7 is the pub across the road.


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