Prison UK: An Insider's View

I have just discovered this blog, written by an ex-prisoner.

I've only had the chance to skim through some of what Alex has to say but it looks like a very interesting read and one I'd like to recommend to anybody with an interest  in the Criminal Justice System.


  1. Thanks for the pointer. He's only been blogging since last July and has already clocked up over a million views (as compared, for example, with Bystander's 4 million in a decade, which he bleats on about at every opportunity). It's well written, and contains some interesting stuff. He's clearly got a few scars that still hurt and that he feels the need to scratch rather obsessively, but that's part of the experience and in an odd way adds to the authenticity of his account.

    1. That's impressive going - I've not got anywhere close to a million views since I started this blog!


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