Claire's Law

For those who haven't heard of it, Claire's Law is the popular name for a modern law that allows police to tell potential victims of domestic violence about their partner's previous convictions.

I do not understand the purpose of this law.  I get that it is supposed to forewarn women who might be the victim of domestic violence (or where their children might be at risk of sexual offences from a new partner) but I just can't see how this is a useful law.

To receive a disclosure the woman must go to the police and apply for the information.  The police then assess the request and decide whether it is appropriate to make a disclosure.

What strikes me about this is that to trigger somebody to go to the police the partner would have to be displaying some unusual behaviour; something that makes the new partner uncomfortable or suspicious.  If somebody is making you uncomfortable then why would you want to stay with them?

We, by which I mean a cultural or national we, seem to be slipping into a world where we distrust our own instincts and the evidence of our own eyes and experience.  We seem to rely more and more on others to take responsibility for us and guide us in our decisions.  I really do think that people need to trust themselves more.  Trust their instincts.  Trust the evidence of their own eyes.  If somebody makes you so uncomfortable that you need the police to officially endorse your relationship then it's not the right relationship for you.


  1. Spot on. I'm currently reading Gavin De Becker's "The Gift of Fear" which encourages tapping into and responding to the subtle warning signs of danger. Recommended read.

  2. Agreed - some of the laws now being threatened or enacted are scary. Britain is no longer recognisable as a relatively free and fair society.

  3. Abusers can convince you that it was a one off and blame it on the alcohol. They might even put friends and family reassure you that it was out of character. People do not take DV as seriously as they supposed to. That new law can be a life savior. I don't agree that someone has to go through the police to check it. I think it should be public record.

  4. After being in an abusive relationship I would probably use it not because of any current fears as like what some comments state if I was to be made uncomfortable in would just leave. But this could help my own relationship instinct tells me I've got nothing to be concerned over. But I see others in similar situation following my trail of thought.


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