The Government is not out of touch

I am fed up with constantly hearing that the Government as a whole and individuals within it are out of touch with real life.

They are not.  Even the rich ones have kids, go to work and own houses.  Yes they may have a bit more cash than the rest of us, but that does not make them out of touch.  That's like saying being poor is the default position of the human race and we should all aspire to poverty so we can keep in touch with our roots.  It's nonsense.  Look at Andrew Mitchell.  He had a crappy day, got wound up and acted like a prat to somebody who didn't deserve it.  Who can honestly say they haven't been rude to somebody they shouldn't have been rude to?  I'm not excusing him, I'm merely saying that he shows us that he's a bit of a twat when he's in a bad mood like most people in the world.. even Mother Theresa was said to be rude to her nuns at times.

If we are going to criticise the Government and the individuals within it then let us do it for the right reasons.

As a whole the Government has shown itself to be incompetent (e.g. train franchising, handing court interpreting over to ALS, two tier road tax, police cuts, attacks on legal aid, student tuition fees, etc) and populated by fools (Andrew Mitchell (who even if he is like everyone else still should have known better), George Osborne (who can't buy the right train ticket before travelling), Nick Clegg (too many reasons to mention), Ken Clarke (for shafting the CJS like certain footballers shaft cheap elderly prostitutes), Dave Cameron (well for everything really), etcetera).

In summary, Government is no more out of touch with real life than anybody else... but they are incompetent and foolish.


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    1. «handing court interpreting over to ALS»
      Please submit your experience here,1

  2. Agreed Andrew Mitchell had had a bad day, and wasn't feeling conciliatory, but why does nobody say that the copper was in a ditto situation? Why he blazes did copper, that day, want to tell a senior minister to get off his bike & walk, rather than ride through the big gate like he had previously done?

    IMHO there were two own goals that day, there!

    1. Have to agree that we've not heard much about what the officer said. Even people who are angry rarely let fly without a spark to ignite their temper. The truth though is that nobody cares what, if anything, the officer said... the media just wanted a Tory politician's scalp and that is what it got.


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