I have found our next Prime Minister

Good news, I have found our next Prime Minister!

Don't worry though, we don't have to abandon elections just yet, because I have a list of three names for you to chose from all of whom are currently unemployed and thus can start tomorrow.

First, is Giles Fraser.  He has been in the news recently as he resigned as Canon Chancellor of St Paul's Cathedral.  He is against violence and so when he become concerned that evicting the protesters from the church yard would end in violence he chose to have no part in it and resigned!  MPs in general take note, this is integrity.

Second up is Fraser Dyer, a Chaplin at St Paul's who resigned because he felt "embarrassed by the position taken by the Dean and Chapter" of the cathedral.  In other words, his bosses made a decision that he could not support on principle so he refused to support it and resigned his post.  Nick Clegg, Vince Cable & other Liberal MPs take note this is called sticking to your principles and being honest about what you stand for.

Last is Graham Knowles who until yesterday was Dean of St Paul's and together with the Chapter took the decision to press for legal action to remove the protesters.  He came to the conclusion that his actions were against his principles and resigned saying he is "no longer the right person to lead the Chapter".  Tony Bliar et al take note of how to deal with mistakes.

So there you have it, three men who have all shown themselves to be principled, honest and who have integrity.  They may not be able to preserve Britain's place in the world as a second-rate power being roughly wagged like a tail by the great body that is the USA but at least they might run the country in a way that puts the subjects of Her Majesty first.


  1. If anyone with integrity faced with an unacceptable ethical dilemma resigns, is it surprising that all we have left is people without integrity?

  2. Maybe you're right, but I can't help thinking that if people in positions of power were a little more ethical and had more integrity then they would get themselves into far less situations requiring them to resign!

  3. You can keep them thanks. The last person I would place any faith in is someone who runs away screaming because of something that *might* happen as opposed to what *has* happened.

    I'd have been slightly more impressed if they stood their ground, fought like hell for their principles and ethics and took any eventual dismissal like men.


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