Citizenship tests

I fear I may have to leave the UK and settle elsewhere as I have just failed the citizenship test on the Guardian website.  Although, I would like to point out that the question about whether you can attend hospital without a GP's letter for a non-emergency is wrong on at least two levels.  First, my GP has never given me a letter to take to the hospital; and secondly, I know that my local hospital runs walk-in sexual health clinics that do not require a referral.  I believe they also operate some post-natal clinics on a similar basis.

The questions weren't what I expected and I did have to guess at a few of them... did anybody manage to pass without cheating or getting lucky?


  1. Ed (not Bystander)11 October 2011 at 23:10

    I got 18/24 with a couple of guesses. Apparently that's a pass. I rather expect the questions in the Guardian test are a bit more obscure than the real tests, as they have an agenda. I mean, offering 10 vs 12 hours/week of permitted child labour?

  2. I failed, although I'm sure I'd have passed if I'd read the study guide first. But what's the point? How does memorising the answers make you a better citizen?

  3. I failed, although, like Conor I'm sure I could pass, were I to revise.


  4. The relevance does seem dubious. I don't need to know the hours of permitted child labour, because I don't have a child; if I were to have one, chances are the rules would have changed by then anyway. As for the Census, well, some of it (the aggregate data on age and so on) are immediately available, some of it's kept secret - so which answer do they want? And so on. Multiple choice questions are popular with test-setters because they give a simple "right" or "wrong" mark, but writing them so as to be unambiguous is a challenging and largely lost art.


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