The Truth About Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

The sharp-eyed among you may have noticed the deliberate Americanisation of the word "defence" in the title.  That's because I wanted to share this interesting and amusing piece called The Truth About Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer, which was written by an American lawyer called Brian Tannebaum.

I don't agree with every word, but for the most part I think it's spot on.  

I just wish that UK lawyers could charge such huge fees for our work (minimum of $5,000 for a guilty plea drink driving case over there, while today I represented an Ambasador's wife for assault and was paid less than £500 for her guilty plea)... oh well, I can dream.


  1. We can all dream about such fees.

    It's amazing how people are agast at the cost of hiring a lawyer on a private, but versus the cost of losing your licence its a no-brainer.


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