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Sexting teens “at risk of child porn charges”

Yesterday, after appearing at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court, I stopped on the way home at the motorway services for some lunch.  As I enjoyed some extra hot chicken, macho peas and sweet potato wedges (anyone want to guess which restaurant I stopped at?) I read the i newspaper, which is a concise edition of the Independent.
On page 15 is a story with the same title as this blog post.  The point of the story is that teenagers are prone to taking selfies and, in some of those selfies, said teenagers neglect to wear any clothes.  The story says, [c]urrently a teenager younger than 18 who takes a nude picture of themselves is technically guilty of creating child pornography.”  Later the story continues, “… a Nottingham schoolgirl received a police caution after sending an explicit photograph of herself to her boyfriend…”
For anybody who doesn’t know, a police caution is a form of case disposal in which the suspect confesses to an offence.  A caution should only be administered wher…